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Software for Microsoft Windows
XRF2000 software is programmed in the Microsoft Windows environment and has independent window in each functions. At the same time measuring, it is possible to view camera monitor and analysis qualitatively and process statistically. The system sends measurement data to Microsoft Excel and other programs and process measurement value variedly.
And the software is always updated to recent programs.

Rapid measurement by fluorescence X-ray using
On non-destructive, non-contact methods, the system measure rapidly and precisely by fluorescence X-ray using measurement.

Multiple measuring filter adoption
On adoption of primary filter(option), detection filter(Co, Ni(option),numeric filter, the system can measure Ni/Cu, Cu/Zn etc. precisely.

Multiple products measurement
The system can measure multiple types of single layer, multi layer, alloy coating, plating solution analysis, qualitative analysis etc.

Point and Shoot positioning control
When clicking desired location of camera monitor, Point and Shoot function can fit that location to measuring point automatically and can fit to desired location conveniently and fast to offer controllable speed function with stage control windows button position.

Automatic beam axis correction
If it doesn’t fit actually the coming position of camera measurement point and X-ray beam, the measurement value is incorrect when measuring small products. At this time, with using of beam position search function, it can be
fitted X-ray beam and camera measurement point automatically.

Video Overlay function
With assistance video overlay function, the system can display camera view on one of monitor and can print camera view and can display monitor by storage of reading, and can print on items of report.

Auto scale and beam display function
By scale function of computer, can always indicate correct position and correct measurement can be possible by display real magnitude of collimator when measuring small products. Also automatic collimator products can automatically fit magnitude and position of beam to fit that magnitude whenever every magnitude changes.

Measuring value color viewing by limit setting up
In main measuring windows, by limit setting up it can be display measuring value on red color and green color. And it can be set up apart by coating layer and alloy composition.
Multiple statistic display and report output
By statistic display and numeric display windows function it can process multiple type statistic, can output multiple type of reports including Xbar-Rs chart, Histogram etc.

2D3D, random stage control measurement
The system can measure the constant distance products and surface to 2 or 3 dimensions by 2D3D measurement window function or can measure irregular position product by arbitrary position measurement window function with X-Y-Z coordinate registration.

Automatic Y stage push-pull function
According to opening and closing the door, the system is convenient to place measuring products by moving automatically from Y-stage measurement point to laser positioning position.

Laser focus system
When setting up focus, the system is always possible to measure accurately because setting up with using laser besides monitor and eliminating personnel sensitive error.

Laser positioning system
Just setting up measuring products to position laser, the system ; is always possible to measure conveniently by being set up automatically to measuring point.

Multiple model size
Our company can supply standard model of Type H, L, PCB and can possibly manufacture user’s multiple demand size and applied products (option).

X-ray generation control
By sleep mode adoption, after user setting time, it is converted to sleep mode automatically and Lifetime of X-ray tube will be long because X-ray can be generated when only measuring.

Temperature controlled preamp & chamber
Keeping chamber and preamp constant temperature, The system can keep once calibrated value long by minimize measuring value change with temperature variation.

Fast and low cost, sufficient A/S
Micro Pioneer is fully stocked with parts because it is manufactured at our facility and all service is fast and low cost by high tech A/S. And it can be upgraded each function.