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HOME PRODUCTS Coating Thickness Gauge

Model Type H Type L
  XRF-2000H XRF-2000L
Size of Chamber 610W×670D×600H 610W×670D×490H
Size of measurable sample 550W×550D×100H 550W×550D×30H
XYZ activation range 200W×150D×100H 200W×150D×30H
Maximum allowable weight 5kg 3kg

Model Type PCB Type N
  XRF-2000PCB XRF-2020N
Size of Chamber 610W×670D×490H 640Wx730Dx650H
Size of measurable sample 제한 없음, 30H 550Wx550Dx240H
XYZ activation range 200W×150D×30H 200W x 170D x 240H
Maximum allowable weight 3kg 20kg
※ These specifications are subject to change without notice due to product improvements.